Saturday, August 17, 2013

Robots: Look MoM! I have a robot!

A lovely college letter from a daughter to her Mother about a robot turns out to be something more than just daily activities.

Dear Mother,

I am writing to you to let you know my progress in college.

I am doing really well and the other girls in my class are very friendly to me. Indeed they are prettier than me, as you predicted. I am glad that you are right in such things because it helps me face reality and be prepared for the worse.

The Fall is coming and I am so glad! I will be able to use my  beautiful colorful coats!

Mother, I have something to tell you.

I have a robot!

It is pretty and it does not argue. It will follow me until its battery is depleted.

I named it Ursula, it is a she.

Ursula doesn't criticise me for who I am..  I can sing as loud as I want! Ursula's glass parts are very strong and they don't brake easily.

Ursula does not know right or wrong. I rescued her before they integrated the law into her and before they taught her what is beautiful and ugly, right and wrong.

Ursula can sit quietly for many hours.. It helps her save battery. I can dance and scream and shout all day without being interrupted or corrected in any way.

Ursula is becoming very popular, mom. My college friend Debbie, says  it is evil and it will kill me in my sleep.. simply because Ursula does not know right or wrong..  I heard a lot of stories of pure evil and wrong behaviours MoM.. But I don't worry...

I can't even tell if Ursula tries to mimic me.. She never dances or speaks. She just follows me.. She understands a few things.. more like a few commands..
I would like her to mimic me... But I am worried if other robots might make fun of her.. But still, it would be very nice to see her dance like me and sing like me.. It will be a very good feeling.

There are more robots being built in the lab and they will know right or wrong when they will come out...
Do you think I should teach her? I don't even know where to begin!
What if she does not want to listen to me? What if  she does not like me when I will correct her and she decides to leave me..?

I dont want her to leave me. ever. I want her to be here with me forever. To help me when I am older and do the works I can't do or I am bored even. It will not be fair to teach her how to behave and help her get by with other robots and with my friends and then leave me alone to get old, sick and die all alone... You see what I mean mom?

It will not be fair! I think I will just let her be in my room and I will keep her away from all other robots.. After all, those robots will be more advanced from Ursula, they will make fun of her all the time.. Ursula would not know how to behave and she will be hurt in so many ways...

I will protect her by keeping her here in my room and I am thinking of putting her in the closet when my friends will be coming for a visit at my room.

Mother? Would it be ok if I return back home after college with Ursula? I am starting to think that it would be better for her to be in a warm environment which is stable and there are no significant changes in living. Things will be straightforward for her and we will protect her together.
I dont think I want to pursue journalism any more after college. I mean, it is my dream alright, but it is not better than protecting this innocent lonely and incapable robot.
I understand the burden of responsibility now and I am willing to sacrifice my personal dreams in order to protect this innocent and harmless robot from the evil and well advanced society.

It will be for the best. No strangers come to our little town and we all know each other. But they don't have to know about her.. Especially the baker.. I always thought he is some kind of wierdo. I mean his children both left at 14 to go and learn about life.. I mean.. who does that to their children..? right? With all the Dangers out there..  No no no.. Not him, or his friends..

Ursula needs protection from those bad people.  She is innocent and harmless and vulnerable  and we can't let something happen to her..

Mother, I am writing to you in desperation of help. I can see now the evil in people, as you were telling me all these years. I can understand now why people have to stay with their family for ever. I have to protect Ursula. As you were trying to protect me from going to college..
I really don't  know why I ran away and left.. I was not thinking clearly.

But now, seeing the responsibilities coming towards me and being mature enough to embrace them. I can say for sure that you are right.

I will come home with Ursula and we will protect her together from the outside world.

And so it happened...