Sunday, October 27, 2013

Robot talks: a few words about me.

In this paper, write everything you want about yourself.
Next week you will read it in front of the class.
Your teacher, Emilly.
Note: start writting below the line. This homework will not be part of your final grade.

Hello class.
My name is Tom and I am a robot.
My original name is WTFRBT45710JCS-12 and I was created from a number of people in China in 2012.
I am designed to behave like an 8 year old boy.
My main skill is the one of fixing coffee machines.
My parents bought me online because they had the extra money and they thought that they would start a business with my skill.
However, the skill was a part of a software upgrade that is very very expensive and thus the business was not created.
As you can see, I have only two fingers in each hand and each leg has 8 small wheels. 
My father always says" that is how I roll" 
I dont know the meaning of it, but whenever he says that, he laughs really loud. " like a jackass " as my mother says quite often.
I had to type this homework since I cannot make circles with my hands until the upgrade is applied.
I joined the school to help my parents and to become educated. 
Unfortunatelly, my capacity of learning is very limited and I often imitate other people's actions instead of learning them. I am quite good at it. I have a lot of memory and this helps me store a lot of moves and sayings. I cannot reproduce all moves but I will do in the future with my parts upgrade my father promised me once we start making money with his new idea.
I cannot tell you the idea because it is a secret. All I can say is that it involves carpets, beer and me. 
My every day life is to assist my parents and especially my father in various daily tasks like changing a lamb or squashing yesterday's beer cans for recycling.
" recycling gives us 3 beers for free !" And that makes my father happy. 
I cannot understand or feel emotions but I am programmed to detect them by facial expressions and micro expressions.
I often understand when my mother returns home from work and she is feeling very excited and sad at the same time. The sadness part is combined with anger when she looks at my father. I can't really understand why but I have not asked her yet.
My father is unemployed and my mother is working at a chocolate factory in the mornings and at a bar every second weekend of the month.
My mother is of a rich family but she renounced her fortune to be with my father. 
My father lost his job as an accountant 7 years ago and had a heavy stroke that made him incapable of working as an accountant ever again.. He is fully recovered but his brain does not function properly.
Unfortunatelly, there is no upgrade for humans that will help him get his brain back in order. 
Rebooting is not an option since there is no button or process to restart the whole thing..
Humans just start once and they stop once.
Remarkable but very limited.
I often spend time reading books online using my mother's tablet. She got that as a bonus from the factory. 
In order to use it I have to hold a special pen because I do not have real human fingers and the touch doesn't work for me.
I read a lot and store a lot of information.
I especially enjoy reading and storing information about music. 
I would like to properly learn how to play the piano one day.

Thank You.