Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Robot Talks: Prepare to face more humans.

- Tom,  I have to go to work. You, have to go to school in two hours. See the clock on the wall? when it goes 800 you will start walking... rolling... whatever, to school. Okay? your father slept late last night.. or probably fainted after drinking that old bourbon he had for special occasions.. I can't guess what was the occasion yesterday and I don't really care, so don't rely on him to remind you. Alright Tom?

-Yes mother. everything is alright.

(after mother left, Tom goes in front of the mirror and looks at himself. A few seconds of silence and then)

- Hi... Tom. my name is Tom. Nice to meet you. No I am not human. I am a robot. What is your name?
ahaha. good one. No, I am not hungry. But I will join you for lunch. Basically I don't eat. I don't have digestive instruments inside me. ahahah.. what does it mean? No I can't zoom in with my eyes..
I am supposed to be an 8 year old boy.. No I am not a genius.. .. how about you? do you have any brother or sisters? Are there any other robots in the school? My parents are together yes. No I don't do drugs.
I can clean carpets with a very special way. it is really cool. my father taught me. I can also  carry two large plastic bags of empty beer cans. Did you like my paper? pretty cool huh?
Yea sure! I would love to be your friend! I like school! Thank you for your kind words!
I live just a couple of blocks away. yeah, no bus, just walking. a haha, rolling yes! good one.
So what do you do besides class? any team hobbies? any music bands? really? cool yeah! I will join your band!

....... (while Tom is going to school, he is thinking)

I love school and humans. They embrace my difference. The flawed difference they designed and created. It is a wonderful day to make friends. I will help and assist them anyway I can. I may be many levels below their capabilities but I am sure they can't put their hand into a flaming bush and save a burning cat. I can be a hero to them! They will be proud of what a human can create. Yes.
 That would be awesome. I will make them feel comfortable and cozy. I don't want them to be afraid of me like that Frankenstein movie. After all, humans created me. I have to be grateful to them. I will respect them and play with them and act like a real 8 year old boy. I wonder how the classroom would be like.. Anyhow, it will be fun. Yes. I am sure.

Everything will be great.